Monday, February 20, 2012

new to me

Here are some new to me little items I am loving right now!
Dress: Vintage, Dolly Pythons(Dallas), Hat: Gap, Shoes: Target.


So, here we are a typical Friday night, where the Mr. and I hem and ha for about an hour while we decide what the evenings activities should be. Eventually we settle on saving money and making dinner at home, watching the Krav maga episode of Human Weapon (so good, I am going to start lessons in it, Israeli street fighting here I come!) and then eventually we each retire to separate activities, of video games for him and a good movie for her! ( p.s. I watched Sarah's Key, and man oh man did I cry my eyes out!! SO good but sooo sad!!)

be my valentine?

So I realize this is a bit late, however my Feb. 14th was too sweet not share! I would like to note that normally in the Martin household this day goes by without to much fuss. My husband is of the conviction that any day where a certain behavior or gift is required is not for him, instead he values the idea of spontaneous goodness to be the order of the day. However for some reason this year we went all out!!.....(and I loved it!!!)....When I ran home around noon to make him lunch I walked into find him cleaning the kitchen!! (CLEANING THE KITCHEN, AMAZING!!!) as well as he had cleaned the rest of the house, now this quite refreshing! We had a lovely little lunch together of Salmon Burgers with blackberry BBQ sauce, and a side of fruit!! Then the day continued with me getting off early from work, and walking in to the apartment only to see my sweet man cooking me Dinner! To top it off he had Roses on the table and some wonderful chocolate waiting for me! He even wrote me a poem on my valentine to go with each rose! Wow what a man!! We had a wonderful dinner by candle light, and listened to some truly cheese-ball 1990's romantic music! I was so very blessed, and surprised, so thanks to my handsome Valentine Mr. Martin!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heritage Village

A few of the more wonderful shots i got at a trip to the Dallas Heritage Village a few months ago, for some reason I just can not stay away from the creepy photos! (more to come later!)

playing catch up

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months....i have been just awful at up-dating! Shame on me! Some are from when we first arrived in Dallas...(In 'n' Out was one of our first stops!!) and is still a regular on the list of favorite places. The tree is from Christmas at Highland Park Village...and then a picture of my new hair cut ( from November) and ....oh yes New Years with John and Mel, and little Jackie Boy!! Such fun!! Such a blessing we love those kindred spirits! Being with Mel just reminds me of my past and makes me enjoy the present and feel good about the future! I can not wait for another visit, and to meet her new little one Baby Zoey!! PS I am also loving a new to me band called Blind Pilot, out of Portland, i feel like they are a mix between The Shins, (WHO FINALLY HAVE A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT, ITS ONLY BEEN 5 YEARS!!!) and The Head and the Heart.